Systems of Heating

All living organisms are in general from the title of physiology with these own bodies inclinable on external conditions. Any deviation from ideal state causes losses on production and disruption. It is all in the binding on income and recovery of feed where is going about the losses of economic spheres in final results.


That is why it is necessary to make sure at all categories of animals appropriate temperature. This can make sure predominately installation of heating resources, partly (in the cattle barns) is used production of animal heat (see the part “VENTILATION SYSTEMS” in this web page).

The heating system can´t operate without complying with the ventilation system and control of the temperature level and relative humidity level. This is particularly so as it is properly designed ventilation system, and particularly in relation to heat the "system of minimum ventilation" and as small volumes of air flow in cold season of the year against to heaters position .

We regulate with the temperature the level of relative humidity of air and feeling of the temperature of animals (Affect level of temperature).

Also the objects for plant production (greenhouse, store of fruits…) they need quality heating system. Create the optimum temperature and moisture regime is the question of the overall management and daily temperature profile with respect to the fluctuation of temperature and outdoor relative humidity.

The overall design of solution microclimate must be addressed in the context of the overall solution to the object.

a) Supply and exhaust air to and from the building

b) Air Tempering
Performance and location of heaters plays a crucial role in controlling the microclimate

Priority use heaters with indirect burning when the flame burning in a closed chamber and heats the walls of the chamber, which heats the air in the hall.