Poultry barns

To serve quality microclimate in the barns for poultry it is necessary to use quality heaters and decide about optimal cause of their placement. We suggest in the stables for mostly 3 levels to ensure necessary temperature:

  • SPACE HEATING - depending on the age of poultry we installed stationary heating systems
  • ZONE HEATING - for generating zone with different temperature (for instance rearing pullets) are optimal infra lamps and IR brooders.

We offer top BAUER heaters with lower energetic consuption, higher efficiency, low noise and the lowest velocity of air.

Gas box heaters - BOXER , Gas box heaters PSI

Easy heaters with the highest efficiency. Output standard 66kW, at PSI 66kW, 18kW or the heaters with the possibility to overwork 66/18kW. We supply heaters with pilot flame or electronic ignition.


Electric box heaters

Excellent and reliable heaters with the output 3-18kW


"ECO" heaters

New type of heater on natural gas, propane butane and oil. Top is the use „Smart box“ for extension and diagnosis of defect. Heater is automation restart in the case of gas failure or electric current. Service is in complexion automatically.


Heater type „CANON“

Top heaters with indirect fire and the possibility a few degrees(multilevel) control. Excellent is the possibility of suck of air outside the stable (minimum ventilation + heater is not clog with dust and significantly reduced the risk of fire).


Infrared heaters

Heaters for tempering of large spaces. Output from 6 to 15kW (type CB) for montage to lower houses (also to 2,4 m), resp. 12-75 kW (type LTU or LTS) with the montage min. 3-6m.


Infraconic radiant brooders

We deliver verse "S" with the output from 0,88kW(S2) to S4 and S8( 3,5kW/h). Type S has standard stainless steel filter, very easy to clean. Body is from cast-iron, inside is ceramic plate. Type “M” we deliver in the sizes M2,M3, M5 and M8 with the output from 1kW/h to 5kW/h.


Type "G" - new mass infra radiator with the output 12kW.