Pig Barns

A specific system design for microclimate control in the pig barns is, that you can never suggest universal system for ventilation for winter and summer season. Every category of the pigs has its specific requirements and conditions; the most pretension is the system in farrowing barns of sows and in the rooms for piglets 7-25(30)kg. Ventilation system must in cooperation with heating and cooling systems of air meet the following functions:

  • "MINIMUM VENTILATION" - work in cool season, realisation ideally “under grate ventilation”, resp. external suction of air through heaters or right settings wall inlets – this system we can suggest today with much higher accuracy diffuse of air and more cheaper than classical ventilation systems.
  • "STANDARD VENTILATION" - works in the transitional period of the year in middle performance values, with a classical execution design with the air input using the wall air inlets and air output through a chimneys.
  • "MAXIMUM VENTILATION" - is determinated for warmest period of the year, we use „ tunnel efect“ where we cool the animals through higher speed of air. There must be fulfilled the whole lines of conditions not to come to draught. In hot period of the year (and with max. ventilation) is necessary to use ventilation in combination with cooling system.




Wall inlets BAUER are the second main element of ventilation quality. We supply CLASSICAL WALL INLETS “PUR” OR “PP” guided by servomotors and the news - “GRAVITY INLETS WITH COUNTWEIGHT”, where vacuum in the stable regulate by tension of ventilators in mechanical way, without delay typical for classical inlets with servomotors. We produce them from polypropylene or polyurethane. Servomotors we supply in the whole line of executive options.



For minimum ventilation are ideal ceiling inlets. We install them in the ceiling and provide intake of air from the loft place.



For intake of air into stables of pigs with the success we use diffuse ceiling.


For intake of air ( by equal pressure ventilation) we use suck or intake chimneys with mixing – fans.



BAUER supply chimney units in many designs for fan installation in high performance and low power consumption. They have minimum pressure loss, they are exactly regulated and minimum noisy. They are resistant against condensation, easy to clean. Beside competition we regulate chimney elements not only by speed of fans, but by entrance flaps guided by servomotors. We supply chimneys in polyurethane polypropylene and PVC version.



We offer classical axial fans with asynchrony motors with outside rotor FC in performances from 1.000 to 60.000m3/hour. We supply motors including extreme economical EC execution. Everything we offer in models “Q” with square plate for incorporation in the walls and “T” – with mounting rails for incorporation into the chimneys.

Protection of the motor is IP54 according to EN 60529, category 2, temperature class, F (+155°C ) CZ- EN 60034-1. In the motor is pasted sensor for watching the temperature (TK). Ventilators are balanced statically and dynamically.

Fit of fan is in ball bearing with the special fat filling, maintenance – free with quiet operation.

Fan is aluminium cast produced in the method of casting, square fixing plate in the size FC 040/045/050 is produced from strength plastic (PS-TSG). Square plate is at other sizes from hot-dip galvanized graduated by two-components in plastic injection.

Advantages of ventilators with asychrony motor with outside rotor:

  • robust resistant construction
  • high efficiency
  • continuous voltage control from 0 to 100%
  • very calm motion
  • easy construction, where rotor with shovels the cast consists of one from aluminium
  • aluminium material provides optimal cooling of the motor

Fans for tunnel ventilation

For tunnel type ventilation we use high-powered ventilators.



For optimal homogeneity of stable air we use different types of mixing fans.