Monitoring mikroklima in general


Present breeding of pigs or poultry are before everyday question of return and affectivity.

Significant influence on the results has external environment and especially microclimate. Every operator of the stable must know in what conditions animals breed. In some cases it is a question of implementation guidelines (via 2007/43/ES for the breeding of poultry).

In principle we offer:

  • Data logger NH3 for measurement of internal temperature, relative humidity and NH3
  • Data logger CO2 for measurement of internal + outdoor (through wireless sensor) temperature relative humidity and CO2

Standard registers are relatively expensive and replacement of sensors, resp. their calibration is especially time and financial very demanding matter. Modern “data logger” BAUER were formed especially with the aim:

  • offer the set of cheap ( with the prize to 600-750 euro) very easy and reliable data logger NH3 and CO2 for monitoring microclimate in arbitrary stable,
  • monitored the level of temperature, relative humidity NH3 and CO2 and calculate the level of feelings temperature TTHI or TWB,
  • design such a programme and drinking system, which enables monitoring the whole batch poultry or pigs (succeeded thank to possibility to choose periodicity of record and with the use energy undemanding components),
  • easy transmission of data to computer and work with,
  • to use such a type NH3 sensors, which enables to paste software,
  • ammonia clock controlling sensor lifetime,
  • exit in data or graph image.
  • Possibility of record data on SD card or on-line connection on PC.

Quality of DL- NH3 and DL-CO2:

  • Record actual concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia(NH3)
  • Record of relative humidity of air
  • Record of internal temperature
  • Record of outdoor temperature (DL-CO2 standard)
  • Calculating TWB, TDB, TTHI, app.dew point
  • Adjustable period of record
  • Lead-free design
  • Record on Micro SD card
  • Charging through USB connector
  • Reading data through USB to PC