Cooling through increased circulation of airflow

BAUER cooling systems (excl. watter dispersion) you can use in critical situation with extreme high temperature. It gives you the possibility to intensify the speed of airflow circulation and to reduce „emotional“ perception of temperature and eliminate heatstress.

Such a systems you can use in the cattle barns mostly. With their help we can eliminate negative influences on performance, health and the size of deaths. BAUER systems offer for every category of animals different systems of fans and their positioning, and in the case of watter nozzles additional instalation of spraying, softness of drops and also quantity of water that the air can contain. It is determinative cooling systems in the stables, its capacity, deployment of fans and wall valves or curtains.


For effective cooling of cows an air speed of more than 2m/s is required over the cows’ bodies. Each fan has an “air speed footprint” (F) in which the air speed is generally above 2m/s

  • Measured at 1m off the ground level
  • With the bottom of the fan placed 2.7m off the ground

The size of the footprint is dependant on

  • Fan type
  • Tilt angle Area

For each installation an appropriate combination of the distance between fans (D) and the tilting angle (a) should be found in order to cover the maximum floor area:

  • Correct combination (1)
  • Tilt angle too shallow; high speed air does not reach cows (2)
  • Tilt angle too deep; areas on floor where air speed is not sufficiently high (3)

Generally best results are obtained by placing the fans above the free stalling because this is where cows spend most of their time. Should fans be installed above the feeding line care should be taken that the airflow caused by the fans do not:

  • Blow the feed around and create dust
  • Blow water onto the feed (if a soaking system is used)

Spacing distances (D) of 15m in combination with tilting angles of 10o to 15º generally delivers best results:

  • Adjustments might need to be made to adapt to a specific structure
  • Ensure that cows are properly covered by the airspeed footprint

Spacing should also be such that an airflow rate of 1,250 to 1,700 m3/h / cow is achieved.


In holding areas the density of cows is the highest. Holding areas usually have very limited space available:

  • Higher tilt angles are required to limit the distance from fan to the start of the footprint
  • To complete coverage of cows it might it is necessary to consider the geometry of the structure and footprint
  • Very often overlapping of footprints is necessary
  • In holding areas space is generally much more limited then stalling, for this reason the following adjustment might need to be made,
  • Increase the ventilation rate per cow by 1.5 to 2 time from that of the free stalling,
  • Maintain a free space on the air intake side of the fan equivalent to 1 fan diameter

Right positioning of the fans

Soaking cows with water increase cooling effect (see next part of this web page - low pressure cooling systems):

  • Must be done in combination with air movement
  • Cows must be wetted completely periodically
  • Placed over feeding line
  • Care should be taken to prevent large increases in RH
  • If fans are placed over feeding line with soaker, care should be taken not to blow water droplets onto feed


We offer the whole line of technical and prize different systems of cooling. The more requirements we have, resp. the longer we want to use them in the year, or the more we want to drive them, it is nessesary to use the highest pressure and the thinner nozzles. Thin nozzles have the flow 0,05 – 0,08 It/ min , coaser nozzles have ordinadely 0,5 – 0,8 It/min. Reduction of temperature in normal condition is to 5 degrees of Celsius.

- Low pressure stationary systems BAUER MICROSRAYMATIC (shovering) to 60 Pa ( PE pipelines connectable to normal water supply , coaser jets) During the flow cca 25-35 It/ hour is sprayed circle cca 1-1,5 m tj. the distance between the jets is 2- 5,0m. These systems are interesting especially with very low prize. We use them in the season of extreme high temperature.

- High pressure systems BAUER TOP KLIMA 100 – 150 Pa deliver mostly with stainless steel pipes, highest pressure jets and highest pressure pump suitable for fine sprey of water especially for poultry or sows.

- Cooling fans of system BAUER, are beared around the circuit by nozzles or scatteing heads. They can work with low pressure from water pipelines or with high pressure from high-pressure pump. Real reach is 20-30 meters. They can also have the positive effect in the terms of circulation of air. ( on photo types I, UCP a UX).

HYGROFAN ROTATOR - Hygrofan Rotator use low pressure of water 1 – 6 bar so that the atomisation of air is achieved with the helping of rotator disk.


  • underdemanding on the quality of water
  • low pressure of water
  • adjustible consumption of water
  • adjustable performance of air

HYGROFAN HP - Hygrofan HP is determinated for high pressure spraying of air under the pressure 120 bar. The drops of water are very small so it is not resort to damp of the floor or other surfaces.


  • higher capacity of water
  • noiseless operation
  • perfect mist( atomisation)
  • very low energetic demanding
  • possibility of addition of desinfection


BAUER PAD COOLING – HONEYCOMB SYSTEMS - apply in several version especially in the stable with the central air supply or tunnel systems. The advantage is the prize, the disadvantage is that we don’t use it for the whole year. We offer „ closed systems“ from UV stabile PVC, where is moisten the surface of honeycomb plate and „ opened systems“ from the stainless elements where the noozle moisten the surface of honeycomb and the function is controlled. We work with computional speed of circulation of airflow 1 – 1,5 m/sec. Contitutional part is „recycled“ container of water. Bottom tray has the capacity 44.8 l/m.