Control systems in general

(alt. for other categories of animals)

Regulating of stable microclimate is very difficult problem. It is needed to know to its master basic hydrothermal quality of air, physiological possibilities of categories of animals, and the possibility of ventilation installed in your stables resp. control systems of microclimate (or on the basis of requirements to design a new system).

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Basic requirements - the system has to allow:

  • Minimum ventilation in the stables in winter for reduction of relative humidity of air and NH3,
  • Maximum ventilation in the stables in summer for reduction of thermal pollution of animals.

This task can look in praxis difficult to solve, but the opposite is true - the development of electronic systems allows technical and also prizes acceptable solutions. In your stable would be the possibility to stretch optimal microclimate it requires compliance some basic criteria:

  • Control temperature in the stable and organize it with the help of ventilation, heating and cooling.
  • Control and edit relative humidity in the stable (with the systems of ventilation and heating)
  • Control vacuum ratios in the stable (and velocity of air) as guarantee homogeneity of air in all places of the stable, especially in the respiration zone of the pigs.
  • With the right proposed control system of microclimate it is possible to guarantee also the level of harmful gases (especially the correct volume of minimum ventilation)

After this is possible to solve the problems as high relative humidity of air, high level of NH3 or CO2, resp. problem with temperature. It must be remembered, that the high level of relative humidity is not a problem of the health of pigs, development of microorganism only , but also problem of temperature perception – temperature is given on temperature sensors is real „ emotional“ temperature, which animals take notice only at relative humidity about 50 %.

(alt.stocks of fruits, vegetables, meat and milk)

Management (control) system must constantly monitor the microclimate management processes in terms of growth potential, but in terms of cost and management during the year (production increase per year, respectively boosting production cycles per year).


The control system shall allow to find optimal production zone in terms of temperature and relative humidity in terms of compromise of cost and speed of growth, in terms of susceptibility to disease risk. The system must tap into the patterns of daily (weekly, monthly, ..) fluctuations of temperature and relative humidity, and maintain these variables within a greenhouse on a level with minimal differences.