Cattle barns Ventilation

Ventilation of the stable for cattle is mostly natural and is determinate by profile and cubature of the space of the stable and velocity of air.

BAUER offer some systems of ventilation:

Curtains systems without heat insulation - system replace classical ventilation through windows, they do not meet demands for optimal microclimatic conditions in the stable. System features very high service life, maintenance- free service and very easy manipulation at personal setting. We offer systems running down or with winding on the top or bottom of the shaft (servomotors).


Curtains system with heat insulation - system is proposed for extreme cool climatic condition.


Ridge vent slot - is insurmountable part of ventilation system. It is placed on the top of roof. BAUER slots we produce without or with closing flaps. Easy regulation of ventilation is possible with different extension of closing flaps.


Gravity vent „turbine“ - for stable where is not possible to place ridge slot ( f.e. reconstruction ) we offer special „ turbines“ , which work only without electric current , simple on the base gravitate airflow.


Anti-draught net - ideal supplement of the stable is the filling natural hole anti-draft network. BAUER offer wide choise of network with the different avaradge ok.