BAUER Dataloggers


Recorders are used for measuring and recording the current concentration of ammonia or carbon dioxide, relative humidity and ambient air temperature. Current temperature is internally converted to the „wet bulb „temperature. The measured values are continuously stored on removable memory card with an adjustable period of record .Recorded data is possible to remove from the memory card and work with them. Measuring the concentration of NH3 is based on electrochemical principle, the concentration of ammonia is monitored by a calibrated sensor. To measure the humidity sensor is calibrated using fully functional polymer sensitive element. To measure temperature using a heat-sensitive semiconductor element.

Example of connected CO2 Datalogger

Connect the Datalogger as described, run SW Datalogger viewer on PC and press the connect button.

Example of connected NH3 DataLogger

Connect the Datalogger as described, run SW Datalogger viewer on PC and press the connect button.

Example of NH3 DataLoggeru

CO2 differs in used sensors

  • Move the cursor (cross with the red value) horizontally to determine the time of measurement, for witch we want to know values of the individual measured values (highlighted number for each course).
  • Move the cursor vertically to change the value displayed in the center of the cross – value of the measured values (vertical axis).
  • Graph can be moved in both axes, if you press and hold the left mouse button and move the cursor.
  • Extending the selected graph area is archieved by holding ctrl, click on the graph and dragging the mouse. This will determine the cut of the graph, which is the spread over the entire area.
  • Print or save graph to a file can be archieved by click the right mouse button in the graph. Appears the window with the option of printing or exporting to a bitmap file.
  • For scaling on the axes move the cursor enywhere along the axis. The Values axis (1) moving up the scale increases, moving down decreases. For the Time axis (2) moving left the scale increases, moving right decreases.

Graph display settings of NH3 Datalogger

CO2 differs in used sensors

ZoomControl Window

Displays when check the item ZoomControl in Lines settings in the lower right corner of the graph.

After finish working with Datalogger Viewer software, click on the Disconnect button and disconnect the Datalogger.