About company

Microclima systems are on the issue of top-technology solutions in the area of microclimate of agriculture barns oriented division acting within the group of BAUER TECHNICS (www.bauer-technics.com).

Microclima systems are dealt with influence of microclimate, resp. bio climatologically factors on performance of animal health and animal welfare.

Design of quality microclimate systém is very complex and difficult issue. It should be based on the parameters of the stable, the physical properties of air and its components, the technical possibilities of critical systems and components of the ventilation, heating and cooling systems as a whole and the design of optimum control system. That's all for reasonable financial terms - the price of such a system.
Such a comprehensive approach we can optimiz the indoor environment and reduce energy consumption.

Microclima systems = technology for agricultural and industrial buildings, where they are needed to solve the questions of internal environment.


BAUER TECHNICS GROUP = group of firms dealing with the „turn-key“ deliveries of top-technologies and construction for agriculture, food - processing industry. We are oriented especially for export – group of BAUER export about 90 -93 % its production. We delivery some components, but especially „turn – key“ complex investment units – big farms, meat factories, diary, store of fruits and vegetables, large grain silo, industrial enterprises, logistical centres and other complex of projects.

We supply technology, construction, whole buildings as well as development projects and financing of our deliveries. Of course we offer quality and operational service and installation.
Our production is located in our new plant in Stádlec robotised with the help of japanese company FANUC and danish company MIGATRONIC.

  • High-tech solutions
  • Effective projects
  • Modern Materials
  • Complexity of supply
  • Financing

BAUER TECHNICS Tabor, Czech Republic - 1st place winner "Export Award 2008", ISO 9001:2001 and the prestigious award "GRAND PRIX TECHAGRO" 2010 as a system for monitoring microclimate